Customer Experience: DAM & PIM to the rescue!

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Monica MahonMay 24, 2023
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Customer Experience: DAM & PIM to the rescue!

Customer experience is like a perfect cup of coffee; the right blend of attention, service, and a hint of the unexpected can perk up anyone's day.

But, yes – it can also be too cold, bad, or served in a cup that's too small.

In a world where customers don't consume content but emotions, the right CX strategy is key. And in this abundance of content and technology, it's easy to get lost when choosing the best sales channels.

This is where a good PIM solution, or a DAM platform, or both – come to save the day. Check why – and how – to improve customer experience with DAM and PIM systems.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management is an umbrella term for software solutions that are used to secure, store, organize and share digital files. It helps enterprises manage their vast array of digital assets with the flexibility to access them.


How can Digital Asset Management help improve Customer Satisfaction?

Streamlined Content Delivery

Digital Asset Management (DAM) can significantly improve the way companies manage, organize, and distribute their digital content. With a robust DAM solution in place, customers can experience quicker, more personalized content delivery which can lead to enhanced satisfaction levels. And, needless to say, this also allows your team to create or quickly find exactly what they need: all the right assets at the right time.

Improved Team Collaboration

A Digital Asset Management system promotes streamlined collaboration among teams leading to improved efficiency and productivity. The result is quicker resolution of customer queries via various sales channels, and faster time-to-market for products and services, driving up customer satisfaction and increasing sales. Exactly what you want, right?

Better Insights for Personalization

With DAM platforms, companies can gather valuable insights about customer interactions with their digital content. Such customer data can be used to deliver more personalized and targeted content, thereby elevating the overall customer experience strategy.

While the buying process was once linear, with a DAM platform you can now create and distribute a personalized experience for each customer – all to bring customers back into the fold and engage them in meaningful, long-term relationships.

What is PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM) is a software solution used by companies to manage product data, content, and information. A solid PIM solution helps streamline the process of managing product-related data across multiple channels and departments.


How can PIM boost Customer Journey?

As you might guess, a good PIM solution can be a powerful tool to support customer journey optimization. For one simple reason that is often overseen – via organizing product-related data and mapping it to customer journeys, companies can provide better customer experiences and drive more sales.

Clarity From The First Customer Journey Point

Harnessing the benefits of PIM, businesses can ensure accurate and detailed product data from the onset of the customer journey. With comprehensive product details in an easily understandable format, PIM helps customers make informed decisions swiftly, reducing uncertainty and delivering better customer experiences.

Consistency in Product Data

With Product Information Management in place, consistency in product data across all platforms is guaranteed. Whether it's the company's website, a third-party retailer, email marketing campaigns, or a social media platform – the customer is presented with the same detailed, up-to-date product information and relevant content they are currently looking for.

This uniformity not only builds trust but also ensures a seamless customer experience with your business. This translates to more sales, most likely.

Brand Fluidity at the Core

When PIM is combined with Digital Asset Management (DAM), businesses can deliver a conveying brand messaging across all customer touchpoints. From product descriptions to digital assets like images and videos, the brand identity remains cohesive to customers.

Do you need both PIM and DAM to improve Customer Experience Strategy?

Essentially, while DAM manages digital resources, PIM focuses on maintaining and updating product-related information.


A DAM solution is designed to streamline storage, management, and distribution of your company's digital assets like images, videos, and marketing materials, making them readily accessible across the organization.

On the other hand, PIM systems centralize and optimize product catalogs, ensuring effective product distribution across various digital channels.


You even shouldn't – look for a single source of truth with a unified system that merges the strengths of both DAM and PIM.

By combining the two solutions, you can create a more comprehensive customer experience strategy that allows you to effectively manage digital content and product information in the eyes of your customers.

Platforms like censhare provide the ability to easily integrate both a PIM and DAM system, creating a unified system that simplifies content creation, management, and delivery.


censhare's DAM and PIM solutions streamline content management across your entire organization.

Need an example? Our automated content production minimizes errors and accelerates response to new market opportunities.

And then, coupled with censhare's PIM, it ensures up-to-date product information is available across all channels, delivering flawless customer experiences and catering to a multilingual, global audience.

Alongside seamless integration with any tool, channel, and technology, censhare's solution brings complete control over every piece of your digital assets, guaranteeing brand consistency across all of the platforms you're visible in.


It's a powerhouse that enables you to navigate the dynamic demands of your customer base swiftly and efficiently. With efficient workflows, it offers you the flexibility to collaborate with internal teams and external suppliers, effectively boosting content delivery speed and quality.

Ultimately, censhare's DAM and PIM solutions are what you need to start driving a superior customer experience – all built on accurate, consistent, and timely content delivery to your customers.

Give Customer Experience DAM about it

In a constantly changing digital landscape, you need to be able to keep up with customer demand and deliver personalized content that stands out from the competition. Search engine optimization techniques or shipping product content might not be enough for your business – especially if you need to target specific customer groups, and various customer experiences along with it, across multiple digital channels.

That’s why combining PIM and DAM solutions is essential for meeting customer expectations. No matter if you need to create and maintain assets in more than one location or optimize product page experiences, the benefits of DAM and/or PIM solutions are truly unmatched.

So, if you want to serve that perfect cup of coffee – make sure you start off on the right foot with better customer experience.

Monica Machon Headshot.JPG
Monica Mahon
Monica Machon is the Marketing Manager for censhare US. She has been working in marketing for 15 years, overseeing marketing functions and helping SaaS companies design and execute marketing strategies, events, and promotional activities, while enhancing brand positioning and impacting revenue goals.

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