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Omnichannel Content: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Omnichannel Content: Working Smarter, Not Harder

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Work smarter, not harder’, but how many of us can really say we stick to it? In so many areas of our lives, both personally and professionally, we can be guilty of valuing quantity over quality - it’s so much easier to see the fruits of our labors when the bucket is overflowing.

But the way to omnichannel success is not through churning out excessive amounts of content on all possible communication channels, but through the thoughtful creation and structuring of content so that it delivers value in the moment and context of its delivery.

But this is a feat in itself, requiring careful organizational change in terms of both mindset and processes. The Forrester report When and How to Start the Shift to Omnichannel Content (part of our Omnichannel Marketing in Practice series) highlights the value of this shift in mindset as well outlining some broad organizational measures to get the transformation to omnichannel marketing headed in the right direction.

To achieve truly omnichannel content, Forrester recommends:

  • Moving from a product to a customer focus - Talk about omnichannel in the context of customer experience or personalization

  • Make the most of IT’s contribution - Look into systems and understand which contribute most, as well as where there are gaps to be filled

  • Find the business case - Get the organization on board for tangible goals, investment and change management, keeping everything on course

The paper also presents real life brand success stories, for example a European retailer which saved €800,000 in content production through this practice, as well as suggesting six steps which can help to take you in a similar direction.

Forrester Research Report: When and How to Start the Shift to Omnichannel Content

Omnichannel marketing is encouraging marketers to transform the way they operate. But how do they start and what does the journey entail? This Forrester report has the answer, outlining a path which enables companies to transform their business operations and content to realize the full benefits of omnichannel marketing. Get it now

Omnichannel Marketing in Practice

Omnichannel Marketing In Practice guides you step by step through the stages of becoming an organization that routinely benefits from omnichannel customer engagement.

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