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Expletives in Marketing, From CMO to CEO, and Solving Business Problems with Content

Monday Morning Memo: Expletives in Marketing, From CMO to CEO, and Solving Business Problems with Content

We’ve gone to the all you can eat marketing buffet this morning and there’s a little bit of everything on our plate. We start things off with some rather persuasive expletives from Stephen Kelly on the use of profanity in marketing before hearing from Steve Goldhaber on overcoming business problems with clever content. Dom Nicastro talks to a selection of CEOs about their CMO backgrounds and Alex Craven asks if AI is in need of a rebrand before we finish with the differences between AR and VR. Enjoy your marketer’s breakfast!

Parental Advisory – Rockstar CMO

Creating an unforgettable campaign is every marketer’s dream – but it should be for all the right reasons. In the most recent issue of Rockstar CMO, Stephen Kelly explores the power of expletives, profanity, and edgy language in marketing and the wins which can be gained by it. But while it may be worth the risk, he also points out how easy it can be for the dream to turn into the stuff of nightmares. Read more

Traveling the Road From CMO to CEO - CMSWire

Great marketers develop and execute strategies aligned with business objectives, delivering not just marketing results, but also company results – is this why they also make great company execs? Dom Nicastro speaks to former CMOs turned CEOs about their journey from the marketing department to the top, and what skills they feel got them there and keep them there. Read more

5 ways content marketing can help you overcome business problems – B2B Marketing

This interesting piece from Steve Goldhaber illustrates how a little clever content marketing can make a big difference in solving some common business problems, such as a long sales cycle, consistent communications, and explaining complex offerings. Read more

Is artificial intelligence in need of a rebrand? – MarketingTech News

Since its birth, artificial intelligence (AI) has gained a rather bad reputation. But is the negative hype a reflection of reality or just the result of an unhealthily large serving of scaremongering and an almost invisible side of knowledge? Alex Craven explores this question briefly and comes to a positive conclusion – the proof is in the pudding! Read more

When should marketers use AR and when VR? - MARTECH Today

Marketers are getting used to incorporating AR and VR into their campaigns, but it is still important to recognize the differences between these two technologies and how their varying attributes deliver contrasting experiences – where one might bring the relevant experience of your product or brand to the consumer, the other may be totally wrong. Read more

Lucy Campbell-Woodward Lucy Campbell-Woodward

Lucy is the Digital Marketing Manager and a blog contributor at censhare AG. Based in Munich, Germany, Lucy forms a pivotal cog in the Corporate Marketing team, always with an eye on keeping the content machines churning. What her resume doesn’t state, however, is an impressive knowledge of Bavarian beer. Prost!