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Picture Your Dream Getaway

Newmarket Holidays was looking for a way to organize its travel imagery and got more than it was expecting with censhare.

Newmarket Holidays began in 1983 and has since expanded its offerings to include air travel, river and ocean cruises, rail holidays, and events.

At the same time, the way people buy holidays has changed, with an increasing amount of sales happening nowadays online. This diversity of sales channels means that marketing teams must provide an array of materials to allow customers to consider and buy their breaks — and nothing sells a holiday like a picture.

To accommodate this, Newmarket Holidays needed a way to make thousands of travel images accessible and searchable to Windows and Mac users across the company. It also wants to make its publishing and marketing processes more efficient.

Learn how censhare helps Newmarket Holidays to:

  • tag and search 1,000's of images

  • manage 8,000 images for 400 tours

  • provide a dedicated hero image for each tour

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