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Agenda - censhare ecosphere days 2019

June 27 - 28, Holiday Inn Munich Westpark, Munich

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You can view the agenda for both event days on this page. You can learn more about the event and our speakers here .

June 27


Welcome & Introduction

Frank Hassler, CEO, censhare AG


Making the Digital Transformation Really Happen

Everyone knows: technology is key for long term success. But too many executives struggle to get their firms to adopt technology. Unfortunately, you can’t just tell people what to do - nobody can. Doing digital marketing isn’t the same as digital leading marketing. Hear the stories and ideas of the world’s most effective mobilizers. Learn how to mobilize and win bosses, colleagues and clients for your ideas - and how to create movements that drive the transformation. Beat the barriers to change! The aim? More growth, more influence, and quite simply, more fun!

Thomas Barta, Marketing Leadership Expert, Author and Keynote Speaker

Coffee Break


Driving Efficiency: Briefing and Approvals

Spark44 uses censhare to create ‘SparkShare’; continuing our story in driving efficiency by leveraging our existing technologies. Providing greater global transparency from the very start of creative operations – the briefing process. Utilizing templated forms we’ve created consistency and improved alignment between our departments and offices. All in the name of better global visibility and easier collaboration. What does this look like for us? And how does it work?

Marcus Knell, Programme Director, Spark44/Marketing Technologies


Marketing Automation at CWS – Multiplying Sales Efficiency

Digital transformation might come in different shapes and many formats, but it includes the well known old school business playbook: optimize spending and maximize outcome. Where to start? How to plan? Which solutions to choose? How to get stakeholders on board? Yes, there is a blueprint answer to all those questions!

Adriana Nuneva, Chief Digital Officer, CWS-boco Group

Networking Lunch


The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Product Information Management

An overview of existing technology, concepts, and known AI applications in PIM-Ecosystems. The age of everywhere commerce requires a massive amount of individualized, comprehensive and correct product information. Touchpoint optimized content, at the right time, is crucial. Traditional approaches need armies of employees to match these requirements. AI offers excellent opportunities and potential.

Kersten Wirth, Managing Partner, PIM Consult


Work with Us: Your Possibilities with censhare

We show you how censhare benefits different industries and use cases, and go inside censhare to demonstrate the highlights of our universal content management platform.

Thomas Obermeier, Global Head of Solution Consulting, censhare

Coffee Break


Customer Case

To Be Announced


future : NOW

When high tech meets true emotion you can call it digital haute couture. Being at the hot spots of the world and at the same time the voice of the voiceless without talking. A personality beyond imagination. Cute, curious and quality driven. It is literally the little steps we make to get closer to the big dream. There is a force within that is stronger than one’s mind which can drive us into the light. The fuel for this force is discipline and passion. Curious? Meet the future now. Meet @noonoouri

Jörg Zuber, CEO, OPIUM effect GmbH

Networking Break


Get Together & Dinner

June 28


How Retail Wins with Omnichannel

Robots, AI and omnichannel: can retailers successfully overcome the challenges of digitalization or are we threatened with empty shopping streets? Simultaneous investments in marketing, logistics and smart store concepts are bringing financial strength and innovative capacity under considerable pressure. The goal still remains to have an integrated strategy, focused on the needs of customers.

Marco Atzberger, Member of the Management Team, EHI Retail Institute


Customer Case

To Be Announced

Coffee Break


Marketing Communication in the Digital Age – The Telefónica Factory

Marketing Communication in the digital age is more than using digital channel for advertisement – it requires the transformation of processes, the way of working and supporting systems. Telefónica has launched the Factory, a crucial enabler to transform the development of marketing communication and ensure a highly efficient way of working in times of increasing complexity in communication.

Sabine Kloos, Director Brand and Marketing Communications, Teléfonica Germany


Why Being Good At Content is A Competitive Advantage

One piece of great content is easy, a thousand great pieces of content is really hard. How can you make it easier for yourself? Creating one piece of hand crafted content is something most content teams feel comfortable with. But increasingly those teams are overwhelmed with how to meet the demands of creating content at scale, bringing in subject matter experts, writing for different audiences and keeping everything on brand, while telling the story in a clear, consistent way. Fortunately, AI technologies can be part of the solution.

Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder & CEO, acrolinx


Making Content Work Harder

Quality content is ‘evergreen’, a valuable resource that can provide revenue streams beyond initial publication. Internal reuse is one such stream but outside of the business there are opportunities to make content work harder by licensing and syndication to third parties. The challenge was to expose content externally in the most straightforward and frictionless way. Hear how Bauer Media extended the reach of its brands using censhare to provide an online portal to view, purchase and download content.

Leigh Cresswell, Director of Publishing Technology, Bauer Media UK

Networking Lunch


Grow with Us: Your Future with censhare

Frank unveils our strategy for 2019+ and we lift the curtain on our upcoming product roadmap as well as major changes to our technology.

Frank Hassler, CEO, Walter Bauer, CTO and Robert Motzke, CPO, censhare


Q&A with the Board and Founders

Frank Hassler, CEO, Walter Bauer, CTO and Robert Motzke, CPO, censhare


Wrap Up & Closing Comments

Hear Our Customer Success Stories

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