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State of the Art Communication Management

Switzerland's no.1 retailer opts for censhare to reduce costs in advertising and marketing.

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In order to ensure state of the art communication with its customers, Migros upgraded its content management in 2011. With its Universal Content Management platform, censhare proved to be the perfect partner, and the only provider offering a standardized system solution featuring a modular structure. This was a very important criterion for Migros, as this enabled package to be compiled that was customized to specific needs, while offering flexible future expansion options in all directions.

We have been able to reduce the costs of producing advertising material by a tremendous measure and to organize the process far more efficiently and transparently.

Gabriel GübeliHead of Promotions Management, Migros

Business Results


assets managed in censhare


reduction in hosting costs


reduction in agency costs


PDFs generated every week


weekly variants of Magazine in 10 regions

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Based on censhare, Migros is currently successfully producing various advertising materials for 10 different national regions in three language versions. This includes price flyer, the print version of the Migros magazine with a weekly circulation of around 2.2 million copies, various posters, POS material as well as additional flyers and in the online area the 'Migros-Magazin' web portal and the distribution of offers for the Migros app.

The use of censhare has enabled us to structure our processes. We have established reproducibility as well as high production reliability. The communication with our customers runs far more smoothly than in the past.

Thomas JürgensWirz Project Manager / Publishing Solutions, Migros

censhare Universal Content Management simplifies the use of digital assets to create omnichannel marketing campaigns. Combine DAM with PIM and CMS to automatically transform assets for delivery across channels or create a 'Single Source of Truth' of product related information.

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About Migros

Migros is the largest retail company in Switzerland. The company is represented in all cantons, with emphasis in the urban areas and in neighboring countries. Migros is a conglomerate of various cooperatives, joint stock companies and foundations, which claims itself collectively the 'Migros Community'. The Group is represented to the outside through the Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund (MGB) based in Zurich, the association of regional Migros cooperatives.

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censhare for Retail

For retailers, a universal platform that combines Digital Asset Management and Product Information Management cuts costs and time and helps build a consistent omnichannel experience for customers.

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