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Insight, Innovation and Inspiration, censhare ecosphere days 2019

Insight, Innovation and Inspiration, censhare ecosphere days 2019

In the busy world of global commerce it can be had to press pause, take stock and get on board with the innovations and insights that can make the difference. But that’s just what censhare customers, prospects, and partners managed to do at this year's censhare ecosphere days.

More than 200 industry luminaries from 11 countries representing companies including B/S/H, Allianz, XXL Lutz, REWE, BAT, Agco, and PWC came together for the two day event in order to benefit from the presentations, speakers and each other, and to discover the innovations in marketing and customer experience that they should be taking home to their companies.

Attendees were treated to a variety of censhare customers, including the brands Bauer Media, Telefónica, Royal Canin and Microsoft, who shared their successes, experiences and innovations in the area of content marketing, information management, and digital transformation.

This was complimented with keynotes from industry experts in their fields such as the inimitable expert on Marketing Leadership Thomas Barta , creator of the groundbreaking digital character noonoouri , Jörg Zuber , and Management Member of the EHI Retail Institute Marco Atzberger , and covering topics which include the role of marketing leadership in digital transformation, the use of AI and machine learning in product information management and content management, and the state of omnichannel in retail.

censhare ecosphere days 2019 brings our customer, our partners and our people together, and it’s been an amazing two days. Thanks to what we have seen and heard on stage, it's clear that despite the challenges posed by digital transformation, the power of censhare can be used to overcome them today.

Frank Hassler,
CEO censhare

censhare also took to the stage to deliver a live demo of its product ,and CEO Frank Hassler joined the company's two founders in presenting the guiding principles of the product and what censhare customers and prospects can expect from it in the future, touching upon product development in the areas of dedicated solutions, orchestration and personalization, AI and machine learning, as well as a glimpse of their plans towards a cloud architecture.

If you were unable to make it or want a reminder of some of the insights presented at the event, you can access the presentations and other information here . Alternatively, check out event highlights on social using the hashtag #ecospheredays .

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