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censhare Strengthens Paris Office with New Managing Director

censhare Strengthens Paris Office with New Managing Director

censhare France has announced a new Managing Director, Fabien Girost , strengthening its commitment to the region as it continues its investment in this Paris-based team.

With over 10 years of experience in leading positions within the digital industry, Girost is well placed to continue the development of censhare’s French market share. The law graduate started his career in the music industry as a PR manager at the famous Sony Music label before moving to the press industry as a Publications Director.

The year 2013 marked a major turning point in Girost’s career as he joined SocialMoov, the first French Social Media advertising platform, acquired by Marin Software in 2015. Sprinklr recruited Girost as Associate Director Paid Media in 2016 to address the French and southern European markets.

Girost finally joined censhare in early 2018, as Senior Sales Vice President before becoming the Managing Director of censhare France. His deep knowledge of complex companies in need of marketing tools to optimize their processes is one of his high levels of expertise.

“As SVP Sales and Managing Director, and with the help of my team, we will continue to build a real footprint for censhare in the French market. We are a young but promising structure and 2018 is the year to consolidate and develop the success of the past. Let’s do it!”
- Fabien Girost, Managing Director, censhare France SAS

The French team has been showing signs of this growth since its initial founding in 2016 , with its first client, ELIOR , coming on board soon afterwards. For more information on the censhare Universal Smart Content Management Platform, censhare clients and the team in France, please visit the French website .

Fabien Girost takes over from his predecessor, Torben Buchhorn, without whose hard work the foundation and initial development of the French office would not have been possible.