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What impact has digitalization had on customer behavior and human communication?

Digital innovation has eroded traditional competitive advantages in production or innovation. Companies are facing today an enormous competition in the communication sector, much more than they do so in the production field.

The new forms of communication that digitalization has empowered are forcing companies to reach out for each and every customer or prospect individually, instead of addressing an audience abstractly: companies have to operate and move within the context of all of their employees, suppliers, customers, multiplicators, share- and stakeholders. Individual expectations have to be understood, received, informed and entertained.

To offer engaging customer interactions throughout the complete buyer’s journey companies need to use bidirectional channels, and can not just send out content via web, print or mobile. Information needs to be integrated into one central solution and cover all different channels, devices and experiences.

Intelligent customer relationships than enable companies to build up engaging customer interactions throughout the complete buyer’s journey, to start a two-way conversation that reaches way beyond our traditional understanding of corporate communications.

Facilitate engaging customer interactions thru’ data driven marketing solutions

In this webcast two of the industry’s leading experts from Gartner and censhare AG look at digital communication- and customer engagement- challenges companies face and the solutions to meet them.

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censhare Editorial Team censhare Editorial Team

We asked around the office to find out who wrote this and everyone stepped forward and said "I'm the author", our mistake was that we were offering cake.