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censhare goes Twitter

Twittering - on short hops to the finca in Mallorca and interesting presentations at this year’s Media Budget event

Twitter is totally in.
Just about everyone is using Twitter these days.
And Twittering is so easy.
After a short registration you’re ready to get going. As a follower you can pick up on the latest statements in real-time without establishing any kind of personal acquaintance whatsoever beforehand.


In 140 characters, followers find out about up-to-the-minute flight specials at Lufthansa while Spiegel, dpa and other agencies issue the latest news and companies provide information on their products and people.

Is Twitter the new direct marketing instrument par excellence? Is Twitter what PR pros have been dreaming about for years? The opinions among insiders and pundits are disparate.

On the one hand, Twitter is a PR instrument that enables each and every employee and every customer to voice his or her opinion. Twitter can also act as a rapid and efficient communication channel to provide information on a company event, for example. In a few seconds, information snippets can be fired off to all registered users and through the flow of information, customers and employees may feel a closer connection with the given company.

On the other hand, Twitter is a tool that is difficult to control and steer, and it is virtually impossible to restrict the target group. The next few years will show whether Twitter is just a short trend or a marketing tool with genuine potential.

Dieter Reichert, CMO of censhare AG, is convinced of the power of new social media and has recently started Twittering on business issues as well as private things. With his insight leanings, he is casting a light on topics such as media, collaboration, ecology, culture or quantum physics and spinning links between them. His updates revolve around industry interest presentations and talks at trade fairs such as Media Budget, successful events and developments or short hops to his finca in Mallorca.

Twitter with us!
You will now find Dieter Reichert at as well as many other members of staff under the search term “censhare“ or .

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