ad:tech 2017

ad:tech 2017 - How Smart Content is Championing Customer Experience

- Mark Twain

For many, gathering in the cultural epicenter of New York City is always a treat. Its energy brings people of different backgrounds together to experience one of the world’s most iconic cities. Whether you are a resident or visitor to this metropolis, creativity and inspiration looms around every street corner. It was against this backdrop that we introduced our Universal, Smart Content Management platform to some of the world’s premier brands.

Using Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

Last week advertisers and marketers gathered at The Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan for ad:tech , a thought-provoking two days that focused on how their organizations can adopt creative technological solutions to improve customer experience.

From the impact of IoT and AI on consumer experiences, to introducing the year’s most important digital innovations, attendees were guaranteed to go home with new ideas on how to transform their technology stack to service better experiences for their customer.

As Cameron Friedlander , Global Marketing Technology & Integrated Media at Kimberley Clark shared in his keynote session:

How Smart Content Management Delivers Customer Experience

censhare’s presence at ad:tech NY was particularly relevant. As brands and agencies networked and attended sessions to understand new ways to execute campaigns, censhare stood out with its ability to manage the abundance of content being created to improve efficiency, accuracy, and deliverability.

Creating a central content hub, breaking down traditional silos and improving internal processes for better cross-functional collaboration across multiple departments is the first step toward delivering a better content experience. This is a strategy that removes operational pain points, reduces bottlenecks and improves time to market in an era where timeliness and relevancy matters more than ever.

An outstanding customer experience has always been about delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. Based on what was on show at ad:tech, it appears that today the challenge is not how to do this, but what to do first.

Caroline Chang Caroline Chang

Caroline Chang is the Field Marketing Manager on a mission to spread the censhare love through the US market. She is a passionate brand advocate with an affinity for products that empower others to create stellar customer experiences. In her free moments, she can be found balancing her time between enjoying city life (e.g., art museums, show hopping, etc.) and escaping to the mountains with her two dogs.

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