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censhare Cooks Up a Winning Demo at Henry Stewart Chicago 2017 in the Great DAM Bake Off

censhare Cooks Up a Winning Demo at Henry Stewart Chicago 2017 in the Great DAM Bake Off

censhare competed in the Great DAM Bakeoff on the main stage at Henry Stewart Chicago. In front of a room of industry peers, Wendy Skoulding, business development product manager, delivered an outstanding demo that resulted in an overwhelming number of audience votes, giving censhare a resounding victory.

The Great DAM Bakeoff is a session held by Henry Stewart at their events to give the audience a chance to see a ten-minute flavor of what they should be looking for in prospective DAM vendors.

The Bakeoff was moderated by technology consulting firm, Real Story Group’s analyst and managing director, Jarrod Gingras, and judged by three industry leaders Theresa Regli, DAM Industry Analyst and Consultant, Chief Strategy Officer, KlarisIP, Pat Collins, Director of Asset Management, SGS, and John Florance, DAM Practice Manager, Risetime Technologies.

The judging criteria was based on a set of requirements that had to be strictly adhered to:

  1. Ingest assets with different formats such as: MP4, JPG, IDD and/or PDF

  2. Search - for both text and metadata in the aforementioned assets, including specific terms on the fly

  3. Render / transform assets into different formats

  4. Relate assets (in various ways)

  5. Preview assets (in various ways)

  6. Publish to various channels

  7. Feature/capability that is truly unique to your offering

There is a serious side to the Bakeoff, as Digital asset management is a complex engine that runs a company’s digital infrastructure, it’s imperative that the right vendor is selected and that rigor has to gone into the selection.

With the industry’s only graph database on a semantic network censhare was able to deliver the “wow” factor that this knowledgeable audience responded to. Simultaneously, the criteria were not only met but exceeded expectations and with censhare’s intuitive interface they were the clear winner to over 90 percent of the voting audience.

You can see a full replay of the winning demonstration below, thank you to the folks at Henry Stewart for the opportunity to showcase censhare to their audience.

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  • 720p
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