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censhare AG Honors the Service of Dieter Reichert and Stephan Wehselaup

censhare AG Honors the Service of Dieter Reichert and Stephan Wehselau

Following the departure of board members Dieter Reichert (CEO) and Stephan Wehselau (CFO) from censhare AG in September 2018, the supervisory board takes the current structural changes as a chance to honor the achievements of Reichert and Wehselau for the company.

Dieter Reichert is a cofounder of censhare AG and was active as its Chief Executive Officer. Stephan Wehselau came on board as Chief Financial Officer in 2015. Both are significantly responsible for the success of censhare AG, which is known for its leading software solution in the area of smart content management as well as for its content marketing platforms. Reichert, Wehselau and the supervisory board decided by mutual agreement to bring this collaboration to an end in September 2018 following constructive discussions.

As a cofounder of the organization, Dieter Reichert worked alongside the other cofounders and was effective as a visionary. He was responsible for the business' strategy since censhare‘s establishment in the year 2001 and also successfully led the business' sales and marketing activities. Stephan Wehselau joined censhare in the position of CFO in 2015. Responsible for its financial strategy, he led all financial processes for the company. His achievements are deemed to be the successful development as well as securing the financing of the company growth. Even before his time at censhare, Wehselau had secured over 250 million euros of corporate finance for a variety of life science businesses. At censhare, he managed to raise a medium sized double digit million euro sum with DuMont and the EIB (European Investment Bank) in 2017.

Views On A Successful Future for All Parties

“I leave behind a company which is prepared for the future”, said Reichert. “That’s why I can now approach new challenges with full concentration”. Reichert plans to engage with the social challenges of climate change. According to Reichert, upcoming business models built on new technologies, in particular artificial intelligence, are no longer compatible with capitalist economic models and shared economy models will likely supersede existing profit maximization models.

Stephan Wehselau: “We achieved a lot together. I will continue to observe the success of the company. The world of technology still holds a lot of exciting responsibilities and challenges. I am looking forward to applying my entrepreneurial spirit to further investors or businesses.”