Straumann and censhare forge strategic partnership

Straumann AG, one of the leading services providers for visual communication has now become active as an official partner of censhare AG in Switzerland as from the beginning of April. The company had embarked on the development of web-based sector solutions more than ten years ago, and is serving clients with individual web applications geared to the optimization of realization processes and the enhancement of realization efficiency.

Straumann AG

Now, Straumann AG has decided to augment and extend its product range with the innovative and extensively deployable censhare system for cross-media publishing. Both partners contribute valuable and unique expertise, both in the development area, as well as on the application side: Straumann as a special agency for visual communication, censhare as a solution provider for integrated and across-media publishing. Joining forces, in future Straumann AG and censhare AG will offer companies rapid, efficient and simple solutions for corporate and brand communication.

A brand is the promise a company gives to its customers. A brand stands for security and consistency, may serve as a guarantee of sustainability and quality, and may express emotions and values. A good brand is unique and individual. At the same time, a brand also makes the most stringent demands on all communication disciplines: brands must be built up and developed, maintained and strengthened - in other words, brands must be communicated - in all media and across all channels.

In addition, there is the fact that corporate contents and brand messages must be omnipresent today. Users are mobile and target groups are everywhere. And they want to communicate and interact with companies and with brands. The demands made on visual communication increase to the extent that mobility and output devices are scaling. Companies must provide information for their target groups at all times, at every place, and by way of all devices.

This is the strength of censhare: “censhare is the all-in-one solution enabling dialogs with target groups via mobile, web, print and social media. Integrated, across media, swiftly and efficiently”, as Jürg Weber, CEO censhare AG (Switzerland) summarizes the USPs of the censhare suite.

Straumann AG draws on many years of comprehensive experience in the integration of publishing software and has realized system solutions for numerous customers. Fielding the innovative censhare publishing system, the company is expanding its product range for across-media publishing in a targeted manner.

“We develop tailored sector solutions for uniform and cross-media communication, based on lean and efficient processes,” as Florian Walz, CEO of Straumann AG, commented on the partnership.

In future, visual communication will be offered as a rapid, efficient and simple across-media solution that is fully integrated into companies. In this way, communication cycles are vital and smooth, while brand promises can be reliably conveyed across all channels.

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