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censhare Recognized as Omnichannel Content Platform Vendor by Real Story Group

censhare Recognized as Omnichannel Content Platform Vendor by Real Story Group

Industry analysts The Real Story Group (RSG) recently published the newest iteration of their famous martech subway map with the debut of a new – and key – marketplace: Omnichannel Content Platforms .

The inclusion alongside key solutions such as Digital Asset Management, Web Content & Experience Management, Omnichannel Operations Hubs, Journey Orchestration, and Customer Relationship Management, a.o., expands the map to a total of 8 marketplaces taking into account how current martech stacks are evolving towards supporting more omnichannel needs.

censhare is excited to see the inclusion of this marketplace as well as to be included as one of the few named vendors. The omnichannel approach to content management is already championed by many censhare customers, who use its Universal Content Management platform to power exceptional efficiency and quality customer communications across all channels in any language, locally or globally.

censhare Universal Content Management platform combines the capabilities of its individual products Digital Asset Management (DAM) , Product Information Management (PIM) , and Content Management (CMS) , under a single, customizable hood, allowing for complete control and centralization of all assets, with reduced costs and higher efficiency. When done right, the omnichannel approach to content marketing can bring about the best for your customers – delivering them with the brand and buying experiences they have already come to expect.

The Real Story Group is hosting a live webinar on the topic for those who want to find out more: New 2020 Omnichannel Vendor Map , 13:00 EST on 11 December.

You can register here for the webinar in which The Real Story Group will explore key marketplace themes and discuss how the Omnichannel Content Management genre fits into the wider content management vendor landscape – an educational session for anyone managing their marketing or customer tech stacks.