New censhare features

In the updates of the past censhare versions the censhare developers have improved the handling of many workflows.

Create quick assets

Since censhare 4.8 users can create Adobe InDesign assets quicker. User can insert censhare templates via drag-and-drop into their layouts: the related asset will be automatically created by censhare.

Faster enter tags in the article and content editor

The article and content editor are important tools in our content-first approach. With censhare 4.8 tags in the article and content editor can be entered even faster. They provide a layout-neutral XML before the preparation for a particular channel. An auto-completion feature automatically provides suggestions for these "Tags" the user. This ensures a fast input of the XML tags in the editor.

Alternative translation solution

Censhare version 4.8 is a tool for smaller translations that has supplemented our solution for large-scale translations. Doing it consciously without the functions of large tools like segmentation of text and translation memory. The tool can easily display the original text and the translation to the user in a window. The innovation is suitable for smaller translation projects and it can be useful also for the localization and translation, as well as for the workflow-based translation control (with the use of the variant management by censhare).

Advanced InDesign access

censhare 4.9 scripts can access all data like metadata or files of an asset in censhare to Adobe InDesign. This data can be used for example, in case of placed products with special offer discounts to colour the frame of a box in special colours.

Video management

With version 4.9 censhare broadens the functions for the management of videos. Different formats for conversion have now been added. To manage the conversion of video, censhare can automatically import and convert into a standardized format. Another operational area is the automatic generation of additional files for different bandwidths or the possibility of generating import, preview, stills or video clips. Thus product videos together with all other information can be managed, provided published in the main formats for web browsers and mobile clients. Using these new features can as well automatically prepare videos for different bandwidths and different clients.

New slice tool

With its slice tool censhare 4.9 users divide an image in different image sections. Out of these slices censhare can produce images and make them available as assets, which then can be further used for a variety of tasks. This facilitates the creation of newsletters, which then resemble each other through the use of images in the email clients.

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