MRM sits at the Center of Marketing – Forrester Report

MRM sits at the Center of Marketing – Forrester Report

There are currently a number of software sectors and acronyms laying claim to being at the center of the marketing process, acting as the orchestrator of the digital or customer experience and forming the central element of a marketing technology solution architecture. Or, to use a sports analogy, the first player on the team sheet of digital transformation.

In the October 2017 Forrester research report “Vendor Landscape: Marketing Resource Management”, however, author Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research makes a great case for Marketing Resource Management (MRM) to take this position and in addition, the report includes censhare among the providers of such a solution.

If you follow censhare, you’ll know that we don’t really pay much heed to the acronyms, preferring to solve client challenges which don’t always fall neatly into these boxes. This has led us to develop our Universal, Smart Content Platform to sit in the convergence of what analysts consider to be PIM, DAM and WCM. As customer needs have evolved to require a greater level of orchestration over their resources, costs and content projects, our platform has become more than a content management and publishing system.

This research from Forrester suggests that we are onto something, as this convergence of content management, advanced business process management and orchestration is defined as Marketing Resource Management (MRM) and as you can see in the graphic below, Forrester describes these essential disciplines as People, Content, Brand and Money.

The entire report is available to Forrester clients or for purchase.

This is a thorough piece of research, with 35 vendors covered in detail and another 36 on the periphery, and states that:

We’ll be sharing more of Rusty’s research, so watch out for a webinar we are planning for the new year, there will be more information to follow on that.

In the meantime, you can learn more about our MRM solution , or get in touch - we are happy to show you the product or introduce you to our clients who are using this functionality.

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