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censhare Partners with Inviqa to Bring a Single View to Content Marketing

censhare Partners with Inviqa to Bring a Single View to Content Marketing

Content marketing vendor censhare today announced a partnership with digital strategy and delivery company Inviqa to deliver silo free, enterprise content management solutions to businesses in Europe.

Responding to demand from clients under growing pressure to deliver relevant, personalized, multi touchpoint content to consumers in real time, censhare is partnering with Inviqa to enable more organizations in Europe to optimize their content systems and create frictionless internal publication processes.

Myles Davidson, Director at Inviqa, said: “The digital universe is doubling in size every two years, and businesses are managing more information than ever. But most organizations are still managing their information across disparate, unconnected systems. This siloed approach means that asset management is often riddled with errors and inefficiencies. In partnering with censhare we’re equipping more businesses to integrate their digital ecosystem, eliminate silos, and gain a single view of their assets, making it easy to find, manage, and update data across all the relevant channels”.

The negative effects of organizational silos are highlighted in recent research from Inviqa which found that organizations inhibited by silos, and unsuitable processes and methodologies, struggle to deliver joined up digital experiences which meet or exceed customer expectations.

Dieter Reichert, CEO censhare AG, said: “I’m delighted to be working with a partner who shares our vision of the real time digital experience. It’s a vision that cannot be fulfilled without a fresh, disruptive strategy, an enterprise view of content, and a break from the old silo model. In partnering with Inviqa we believe we have hit upon a winning formula of leading ideas, strategic consulting, and innovative software.”

The strength of censhare’s universal, smart content platform and an aggressive growth strategy saw the company nearly double in size in 2017, augmenting its leadership team, and securing R&D growth funding .

About Inviqa

With more than 200 professionals based in offices across the UK and Europe, Inviqa has 10 years’ experience helping a diverse range of organizations to address complex challenges, learn faster, and move smarter. Its digital services provide end-to-end support across the digital product lifecycle – from consultancy and iteration, through to solution build, implementation, and continuous improvement. Inviqa is a regular feature in Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies Report and was shortlisted as Computing’s Digital Service Company of the year in 2017.