censhare Launch at FutureDay 2010

censhare presents Version 4.0 and the cenbox

Niels Müller

The invited guests were taken on a journey from the industrial age to the communication and information age, guided by the Viennese journalist and globalization expert Corinna Milborn. Nils Müller from TrendONE started his time machine off with a multimedia excursion into the year 2021. Klaus Kreuzender, an exceptional artist and one of Germany's best saxophonists, touched each guest with his music.

Corinna Milborn

One of the day's highlights was the presentation of the new censhare Version 4.0 by CMO Dieter Reichert and CEO Robert Motzke. And it certainly became clear just where the journey through time would go next when Dagmar Schneider, who CMO Dieter Reichert reported is responsible for deep thinking at censhare along with Veronika Lorenz, published a text in the censhare system on a website, in a magazine and in an iPad app with just a few clicks during her live presentation.

In addition to the new censhare version, the cenbox also made its debut - presented by the young engineers who developed and implemented this all-new product. censhare AG is striking out in a new direction with the cenbox: a complete censhare Media Asset Management system with Oracle database runs packed into an Apple Mac mini. And both are being given away - the only costs are for the hardware, operating system and backup software.

FutureDay gave the answers to our hybrid communication society. If only grandmother were still around to experience it all ...

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