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censhare Cruising into LA for the Automotive CX Summit 2018

censhare Cruising into LA for the Automotive CX Summit 2018

censhare has announced its silver sponsorship of the Automotive CX Summit 2018 on 19 and 20 June at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Marina-del-Rey, presented by Thought Leadership Summits.

In its fourteenth year, the Automotive CX Summit is the only established automotive industry summit committed to furthering customer experience. This year’s event features seven major automakers and a host of thought leaders all sharing strategies and best practices which address the opportunities and challenges in this “age of the customer”.

With a focus on thought leadership and a stated aim of “limited sponsor and vendor involvement”, censhare’s inclusion in this expert community and the opportunity to share its experience of working with automotive brands such as Jaguar Landrover and BMW is a privilege and testament to its relevance in this industry.

censhare will be demonstrating how the industry can make use of its plethora of marketing data in order to deliver a competitive customer experience, showcasing its past success with automotive clients and the value its Universal, Smart Content Management platform can bring throughout the automotive supply chain. From the B2B challenge for suppliers, to the B2B2C challenge of manufactures, to helping dealers and automotive retailers engage B2C.

Specifically, censhare will host the following sessions:

censhare is also hosting a series of one to one meetings so please get in touch if you would like to take advantage of the team's knowledge on digital transformation strategies and tools at the censhare booth.

Can’t make the Automotive CX Summit but want to find out where else the censhare team will be over the coming months? Check out the events calendar here .