censhare Is Part of the 300 Supporter Project

Within the context of the 300 Supporter aid project, censhare has become involved as official partner. The project was initiated by the advertising agency Serviceplan Solutions. The aim is to bring 300 companies together and jointly support selected projects of the Plan International Deutschland child welfare organization by way of an endowment fund.

The donations are financing an aid project focusing on securing the basic care and livelihood of children in Uganda. As a result of the civil war, there are many households that are run by children. Plan International Deutschland supports these children in coping with their emotional burdens and creating a foundation for their daily livelihood once again.

As Kathrin Hartkopf, Head of the Plan Endowment Center relates: "On a visit to a school in the Lira district in Uganda, the director told us that more than 250 children from the surrounding areas were not able to attend school, because they were the only ones who were able to care for their younger brothers and sisters and their livelihood. It is wonderful that the involvement of 300 Supporter has contributed to such sustained improvements in the situation of these children, thereby opening up brighter prospects for their lives in future."

The 300 Supporter aid project was initiated by Florian Paul, Managing Director of Serviceplan Solutions. Numerous employees as well as service partners are also involved on a voluntary basis.

"We are convinced that we can achieve a great deal together and we would like to put our network of partners to good use in order to activate a large number of individuals and bring substantial aid and support to the world. With our 300 Supporter initiative we are making it as easy as possible for companies and employees to make genuinely substantial contributions," as Florian Paul explained, who has also personally visited the Lira District in the north of Uganda.

Extensive information on the 300 Supporter project is available at:

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