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censhare Celebrates Continued Relationship With Henry Stewart at DAM Europe

censhare Celebrates Continued Relationship With Henry Stewart at DAM Europe

censhare is proud to once again announce its presence at a Henry Stewart DAM event, this time in London for DAM Europe 2018 . censhare has been an avid supporter of Henry Stewart events in the past, most recently sponsoring Henry Stewart DAM NYC , Creative Operations NY , and Creative Operations London .

Henry Stewart DAM conferences have acquired the reputation – quite rightly – of having their finger on the pulse of a digital industry that continues to undergo explosive growth. As the monetary worth of digital assets is comprehended, speakers at DAM NY focused on the importance of creating a holistic digital platform and at DAM Europe, further such discussion and great real world experiences are expected from presenters and vendors who have their fingers on the industry pulse.

censhare is excited to host two sessions in collaboration with industry expert and censhare-advocate James Naylor of Slimming World. As an expert in DAM and longtime user of the censhare Universal, Smart Content Management platform, it’s wonderful to welcome him to DAM Europe.

  • DAM is for Life, not just for Pictures’ - 28 June, 11.40 am
    James speaks on the implementation of DAM at Slimming World, taking into account asset types and how they relate to each other, as well as the value this central digital asset management system brings to content production.

  • ‘DAM is for Life, not just for Pictures Roundtable’ - 28 June, 4.35 pm
    This Q&A session with James and censhare will drill into further detail on DAM strategy and the best practices which everyone in the world of digital asset management should be aware of.

Henry Stewart DAM events are large in scope and rich in insight so there’s much to learn and share at this premier conference which is fast becoming the quintessential event to help vendors understand the nuances of a powerful tool. From across a multitude of industries, attendees will range from those just beginning their research on DAM, to people beginning a DAM implementation, to longtime users who are looking for insights from industry leaders.

Take a look at the two day agenda here and if you’re in the area, why not register and check it out.