CapabilitySource & censhare Partner to Create a Better Digital Workplace

CapabilitySource & censhare Partner to Create a Better Digital Workplace

CapabilitySource , an enterprise digital transformation solutions consultancy based in San Antonio, Texas, and fast-growing content management vendor, censhare have announced a certified partnership to deliver personalized enterprise solutions which address the collaboration challenges sitting at the heart of digital transformation.

The combination of CapabilitySource’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the challenges of implementing digital transformation projects, coupled with censhare’s Universal, Smart Content Management platform and advanced marketing resource management capabilities creates a state-of-the-art collaborative solution for their joint clients.

This solution enables clients to centralize their creative operations, rapidly optimize disparate marketing processes across the traditional departmental silos, and deliver significant operational efficiencies, improved quality, and faster time to market.

"CapabilitySource is looking forward to accomplishing great things with censhare as a partner for clients’ digital transformation success. With censhare’s expertise, strength, and proven results in digital content management, our partnership will breed the strong digital transformation solutions which we believe are critical to enterprise-wide digital transformation.” - Glenn Coward, president and founder of CapabilitySource

Amanda Eldridge, Director of Alliances at censhare US continued this positive sentiment, stating that “As censhare continues to grow, our partner network continues to advance with it - partners who understand the intricacies of the digital landscape and are looking to disrupt the status quo. It’s therefore a pleasure to welcome CapabilitySource to the censhare community.”

Looking towards a bright future of collaboration, both companies are looking forward to solving work management challenges for business across the globe.

Learn more in our press release.

About CapabilitySource

CapabilitySource provides custom digital enterprise solutions to transform business operations across areas such as Central Marketing, Local Marketing, Work Management, Process Management, Compliance, Operations and Data Management; mainly in large financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail and entertainment institutions. Its operational business solutions remove barriers, simplify complex organizational processes and enable digital transformation – allowing clients to lead in the modern digital age. These solutions are implemented with a special mix of Business Architecture, Change Management, Process Engineering, Implementation skills and custom Automation/Integration expertise. For more information on CapabilitySource, visit .

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