censhare - replaces Quark Inc. as principle sponsor of Digital Ad Lab UK (DAL UK)

We are pleased to announce that as from the 1st February 2009, censhare (UK) has become the principle sponsor of Digital Ad Lab UK, replacing the former sponsor, Quark Inc. Digital Ad Lab UK (DAL UK) is an independent, open forum for those involved in all aspects of digital workflows. It provides a platform for participants to discuss issues relating to the successful creation and reliable delivery of secure digital files.

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DAL UK promotes and facilitates the adoption of effective and efficient 100% digital workflows through the exchange of ideas and discussion of issues and best practices at open industry meetings.

"I believe that censhare is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced consulting companies to the publishing industry in Europe having worked on over 150 customer sites and with over 15 years of publishing experience. Our goal is to promote a better way of working and to set the standards for best practice across the publishing industry. We have been achieving this goal within current projects and we encourage other companies to challenge the way they work at a strategic level. Digital Ad Lab UK, with its independent forum, is the perfect vehicle to facilitate this. We encourage openness, honesty and knowledge sharing within the industry and to support this, almost all of our customers are reference sites."
Rupert Firmstone, CEO, censhare (UK)

"First and foremost, the censhare project team understood our publishing needs. They not only assisted us in creating the required workflows but challenged us along the way to question why we work the way we do."
Sean Briggs, Group Publishing Systems Manager, The National Magazine Company, UK

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