As of September 1st 2010, censhare will be on the lookout for two new trainees as system integration IT specialists

Today’s trainees are tomorrow’s well-qualified colleagues

In 2009 more than 100,000 young people failed to find a trainee position in Germany, as there were not enough vacancies in the job markets. It would appear that many companies still do not perceive the benefits in providing an adequate number of trainee positions, although many employers deplore the lack of skilled workers and professionals. According to the survey by the Instituts zur Zukunft der Arbeit (Institute for the Study of Labor), by the year 2020, the additional demand for skilled workers and professionals will increase by 1.8 million.


As a committed corporate citizen we are pleased to pass on our knowledge to the younger generations and have been offering training places since 2001. censhare perceives today’s trainees as the well-qualified colleagues of the future. To date, eight trainees who completed their vocational training at censhare have been directly hired by the company.

With regards to our fledgling system integration IT specialists, we are looking for applicants with school leaving certificates of very good to good average grades, as well as sound basic IT and English language skills. Applicants should be motivated, capable of working under pressure and enjoy undergoing a future oriented training course. The trainees will acquire knowledge in the development, adaptation and implementation of software environments in a project context. They will learn how to install and configure complex IT systems which will involve the integration of hardware and software components. They will also learn how to track down and correct IT problems.

„I am really enjoying my training at censhare as it enables me to put the know-how I acquired at the vocational school to practice. I am learning a great deal additionally and am also having a lot of fun at the same time,“ says Stephan Deuringer, trainee at censhare.

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