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Why the Same Old Song and Dance No Longer Flies at dmexco

Why the Same Old Song and Dance No Longer Flies at dmexco

Thanks to the immense pace of the digital world there has never been a better time to work in the industry. dmexco is the premier place in Europe to watch the digital action take place in front of your eyes. But, watching the digital transformation isn’t just seeing the greatest technology, but seeing how companies use digital strategically to ensure their ultimate success.

The Same Old Song and Dance

The human mind is an amazing thing, to be able to come up with computers that will eventually make themselves smarter than the people who invented them, to be able to ‘augment’ reality, to be able to invent devices that have truly become extensions of ourselves, yet, those are just buzzwords and toys that will continually distract from the real solutions that drive the world, the technology that runs the business world.

The latest and greatest products that are seemingly at every other booth are incredible, don’t get me wrong, but the quantity of them make it apparent that most of it will soon be obsolete or in many cases never fully developed. For the people looking for these products, dmexco is pure entertainment and they got what they paid for. But, there were also digital professionals there who are trained to look past the bells and whistles. Those were our audience, and to them we delivered!

Universal, Smart Content

Even among the B2B crowd it’s often the same old story; platform, customer experience, big data and so on and so forth. The question to most digital professionals isn’t where to look for vendors that can reliably supply each of the aforementioned solutions, rather the question is where to go to find one provider who can supply them all.

The challenge is, the more you hear the same buzzwords over and over you begin to become overloaded with many different solutions. So as a vendor, how do you stick out in a sea of vast technology with many solid vendors to choose from? At dmexco we did it by not telling the same old story, we showed a solution that eliminates silos instead of creating more, we did it by demonstrating what a universal, smart content platform is and how it’s the premier integrated marketing solution.

Hitting the Sweetspot

Our story might not have been “we’re the latest and greatest” yet it still resonated. It resonated because companies have silos but see how inefficient they are. They have content and data problems they didn’t even know there were solutions for. They have more data coming in than they know what to do with, they have a marketing team that is barely able to function because they can’t locate their files, they have sporadic messaging all over the web, they’re not looking for the story of the “latest and greatest” they’re looking for a solution that actually solves their business problems.

I know our story resonated because in the 16 hours that we were fortunate enough to be around some of the most state-of-the-art tech in the world, we didn’t actually have time to play with any of it. We spent our time demoing censhare and telling our story.

Watching the action of the digital world is always inspiring, but knowing that the solution I sell can harness the digital world and be the core of a business’ digital strategy is why I am proud to be at events like dmexco!

Peter Makovitzky Peter Makovitzky

Peter is our VP Business Solutions and always on the hunt for stuff digital professions drool about. He has been with the industry for almost 20 years and worked on a number of prestigious projects for customers like Bosch, Daimler, Sun Microsystems (R.I.P.) and Unilever. He specializes in digital strategy and related business transformation.