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marketing software solutions

Streamlining Your Marketing Solutions to Keep Your Head Above Water

Marketing isn’t an easy job. Between strategizing, budgeting, creating collateral, both online and physical, promoting and everything else that goes into it marketing can be quite daunting. So why is it that it’s so common for marketers to make their lives more difficult by buying multiple software solutions? Learning different interfaces, remembering different passwords and sorting through spam from each company inviting you to their respective conferences for $2,000 a ticket, a large fraction of actual marketing time is eaten up.

These solutions are supposed to make your life easier, “to make the world a better place”, but in fact they’re doing the opposite. With an extraordinary 3,500 or more marketing technology options available and 186 in social media , the ability to figure out what works best and streamline the process is imperative for any organization wanting an edge over the competition.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to consolidate all of these related productivity tools under one roof and greatly save time and energy reaching your audience? Better yet, how about tracking engagement numbers across multiple channels and determining ROI numbers in the process?

Centralization drives efficiency

While the average marketer uses over 12 tools to inefficiently send and track content through various platforms, the savvy marketer uses a single tool and spends the extra time crafting a better marketing strategy with personal, customized messaging to different target audiences. Most of us are aware of the problem, too, as 61% of marketers say they want better service integration .

Also consider that if several of the individual services you’re using merge, change or cease to exist, you’ll have multiple workflows that you’ll need to fix in different ways at the same time.

So how can you ensure marketing efficiency? The answer is consistency - using a single, consolidated service to accomplish every required marketing task. Turn the average 12 tools into one central system that your company can grow with over time.

Centralizing Your Marketing Intelligence

What is marketing intelligence? Analytics? Assets? Data? It should be anything that makes your marketing abilities work for you. If your platform could not only function as a powerful digital solution but also store and manage your assets and data in such a way that you can intuitively use, find, analyze, edit, has version control and has efficient workflows then your marketing intelligence will increase tenfold.

A semantic database, which is a fancy way of saying that the network uses metadata to ensure that every asset, whether it be a product, photo, customer, employee or anything else that is relevant to each other is in front of the right user at the right time, allows your marketing team to work at a level of intelligence that not long ago wasn’t even imaginable.

Streamlining your workflows

Imagine using one tool for all of your marketing efforts and receiving better analytics to improve your campaigns and further personalize the content consumption experience for your audience. Automation and efficiency go hand in hand with the best analytical data available to both streamline and speed up workflows .

As a marketer, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by software. It’s okay to overwhelm yourself with challenging projects and imagine new possibilities, but finding the time to do that while juggling multiple digital solutions just isn’t practical. There is a solution though, it’s up to you to start the change.

Read our whitepaper Why Marketers Need to Rethink to learn how censhare can help make your marketing strategy become more efficient and set yourself apart from the pack.

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