REWE: Streamlined, Accurate and Effective Ad Production

REWE: Streamlined, Accurate and Effective Ad Production

There is no such thing as a typically German palate. With 80 million residents across 16 states stretching from an almost Nordic north to sultry states in the south, tastes can vary hugely.

This presents a major challenge to the national grocery chains aiming to serve these diverse needs across the country as a whole. Not only in terms of supply and distribution, but also in maintaining the stream of information about those products. Whether it’s pricing for the shelves, promotions for brochures or communications between regional buyers and head office, all the information has to be up to date and in sync.

This was certainly the case for REWE Markt – part of a leading trade and tourism conglomerate in Europe. In order to streamline their advertising production, it decided to build on censhare’s customizable content platform under the guidance of MSP, a censhare strategic partner. It now boasts a central database supplying images, product information , prices, and more, for a wide range of uses and supporting last minute updates. As a result, this has driven significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and advertising effectiveness.

Exactly how this was achieved is described in this customer success story, including how REWE Markt uses censhare to :

  • Supply different territories with individualized advertising brochures via automated processes

  • Store image assets and data in a central database for complete information security and accessibility.

  • Improve advertising production efficiency by 75%

Download the success story to read how one of Germany’s busiest grocery retailers adapted the censhare solution to provide a fully bespoke content management system.

The implementation of censhare for all campaigns and channels has brought extreme increase in efficiency and falling costs for Vitra.

Centralized Production and Automation for Retail Enterprise

A censhare customer success story – read how REWE Markt transformed its content and product information management into a centralized ad media solution with the help of censhare strategic partner, msp AG.

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