Omnichannel Content: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Omnichannel Content: Working Smarter, Not Harder

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Work smarter, not harder’, but how many of us can really say we stick to it? In so many areas of our lives, both personally and professionally, we can be guilty of valuing quantity over quality - it’s so much easier to see the fruits of our labors when the bucket is overflowing.

But the way to omnichannel success is not through churning out excessive amounts of content on all possible communication channels, but through the thoughtful creation and structuring of content so that it delivers value in the moment and context of its delivery.

But this is a feat in itself, requiring careful organizational change in terms of both mindset and processes. The censhare whitepaper, Getting Started with Omnchannel Marketing , highlights the value of this shift in mindset as well outlining some broad organizational measures to get the transformation to omnichannel marketing headed in the right direction.

To achieve truly omnichannel content, download the whitepaper and learn about:

  • How to adopt an omnichannel mindset and approach

  • Defining what success means to your business

  • Selecting the right omnichannel platform for you

The whitepaper also presents a variety of real life brand success stories, including an US retailer which cut its content production time by half through this practice, as well as saving $275,000 a year by reusing assets.

With censhare at the heart of the article-based production Hearst UK controls all print and digital media and achieves a massive cultural change.

Getting Started with Omnichannel Marketing

This censhare whitepaper guides you step by step through the stages of becoming an organization that routinely benefits from omnichannel customer engagement.

Download Now
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