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Your individual online download portal for all your documents, images and other media out of censhare.

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With the Mediabox you offer employees, customers, partners, the press, suppliers and other service providers a download platform for all the corporate media you want to share. In doing so, you ensure that the available content is always up-to-date and CI-compliant. You can provide any content out of censhare and create and control various user roles and rights.

Using the Mediabox requires neither training nor instruction. It is intuitive to use (similar to any cart system). Interested parties have the opportunity to create an account (which you can either approve or reject). With your permission, Mediabox users are able to download their desired media in various formats and store and manage them in selections. These selections can be shared via a download link straight out of the Mediabox. Pre-defined filters and searches make it easier to find the right content and information.


  • Central administration and targeted sharing
  • Create and control various user roles and rights out of censhare
  • Intuitive and easy to use – similar to any cart system
  • Pre-defined filters and searches
  • Users can download their requested media in various formats
  • Users can create and administrate selections to add their media
  • Media selections can be shared via a download link
  • Easy registration for interested parties
  • Easily approve or reject registrations


May 22, 2020


censhare Digital Asset Management








Specialist solutions by this partner

Tools and apps from the censhare partner community extend the scope of censhare.

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