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Connect the world of assets with your collaborators' file systems.

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Invite external users to collaborate with censhare via the widely spread and easy to use Dropbox platform.

No censhare login, nor training in censhare is required. The external user manages the assets via their own file system.

This provides you with a safe environment where the suppliers can easily access only the folder they have been shared. No undesired access to other assets within censhare or to the folders of competitors.

In censhare the new Dropbox-group serves as a collaboration area where included assets shared. You can add members, control file access, and organize your assets in sub folders. You can start or stop the sharing at any time.

Your existing workflows can be used, and you can create automations to move assets in or out of the shared Dropbox-folder, to extend the collaboration functionality. Most type of assets can be used for collaboration and read only folders the transformation variant of the file can be shared instead of the master file.


  • Simple collaboration with external users
  • No censhare user or training required
  • Safe environment as single folders can be shared
  • Easy to manage file access on the Dropbox-group asset
  • Most types of assets can be used for collaboration


November 27, 2020


censhare Digital Asset Management






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