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Marketing Production Portal for censhare

Expand censhare with MPP.360 - an easy-to-use marketing production portal for briefings, approvals and the automated production of sales and marketing materials.

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MPP.360 is an official censhare partner SaaS solution that expands and enriches censhare‘s core competencies as a DAM, PIM and CMS universal content platform.

MPP.360 offers an easy-to-use, smart production portal for briefings, feedbacks and the alignment of omnichannel sales and marketing materials that extend the already powerful workflow management within censhare.

MPP.360 enables the automated production of a broad range of digital and print sales and marketing materials. Digital ads, e-mail newsletters, Point-of-Sales materials and sales supporting collaterals can be created using pre-defined templates.

Customers can instantly start working with both solutions via an integrated censhare HCMS connector allowing a seamless, direct, bi-directional exchange between both systems.


  • Perfect collaboration MPP.360 and censhare
  • Expanding the scope of a DAM and PIM into full production automation
  • Briefing: Central interface to create precise, standardized briefings for omnichannel productions with all required information and meta data – 100% guided via easy-to-use forms.
  • Feedback: Collection of feedback from all internal and external stakeholders from start to finish with powerful rights & role management.
  • Production Automation: Automated production of digital or printed sales and marketing materials based on creative master templates in all required sizes and formats.

About MPP.360

MPP.360 is a user-friendly SaaS solution for producing digital and printed marketing or sales materials.

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