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Salt Flats is an innovation platform with a diverse, creative group of disrupters who challenge the status quo and create tomorrow’s future, today. Salt Flats brings a well-rounded team of specialists who are focused on excellence in a collaborative environment and delivering results at rapid speed.

We work with leadership teams to create customized business solutions. Our proven framework for delivering results allows our clients to explore uncharted territory and make game-changing discoveries along the way.

Salt Flats offers a broad range of Information Management Solutions to its clients.

  • Media and Entertainment Product Management
  • Digital and Media Asset Management (DAM/MAM) & Marketing Operations
  • Metadata Design & Development
  • Taxonomy & Controlled Vocabulary Design
  • Governance Program Development
  • Technology Selection & Vendor Management
  • MarTech Strategy (CMS, PIM, CRM, Advertising, Social Media)
  • Training & Change Management
  • Data Foundation & Strategy
  • Customer Data Analytics & Integration
  • Data Visualization & Dashboards
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence