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Premedia is an expert in organizing and using assets more efficiently, and embedding automated publishing processes in complex omnichannel requirements. With tailored software solutions and powerful digital printing machines, you realize efficient print on demand processes.

The media and marketing landscape is in a dynamic change - new technologies and market developments provide companies with new challenges. Audiences expect relevant content - individually, instantly, and through various communication channels.

This is where Premedia comes in: the leading provider of online marketing solutions in omnichannel content management, print marketing and web2print is adept to deal with size and complexity and to derive simple, scalable solutions.

Whether images, texts, videos, product information, translations, proofreading, approvals or publications in a variety of channels - Premedia helps well known customers such as Raiffeisen, Wüstenrot, Trodat, Spar or XXXLutz-Gruppe to organize content efficiently and to automate publishing processes.

In close cooperation with their customers, our Austrian censhare Business Partner reduces complexity and costs with clever automation and process optimization - an approach that pays off for all concerned. Customers benefit from their longstanding expertise in end to end print publishing, supported by the accumulated digital expertise of their group of companies and partners.

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