Premedia GmbH

Premedia digitises marketing processes and automates content production. As a trusted technology service provider, our focus lies in empowering marketing organizations across the DACH region to enhance the efficiency of their marketing endeavors.

Austria, Germany, Switzerland
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Premedia is dedicated to streamlining marketing efforts for our clients, including INTERSPORT, swissbit, Raiffeisen, RWA/Lagerhaus, and the XXXLutz Group. Our partnership with censhare enables us to offer comprehensive support to customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, facilitating smarter, faster, and more effective marketing strategies.

Manage and control content centrally: With an all-encompassing 360° approach, we draw upon our 35 years of experience to deliver scalable solutions and streamlined data and content processes. From objective consultation to seamless implementation and ongoing operation, our aim is to facilitate top-tier customer experiences and maximize market impact for our clients.

Make your marketing more efficient with censhare and Premedia. Our commitment lies in the digitalisation of marketing processes and the automated production of content using censhare’s versatile omnichannel content platform.

This is how we simplify the complexity of marketing and ensure greater efficiency.

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