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Southwest Europe
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With +15 years experience in consulting and marketing software activities, Newton Place meets, listens and shares ideas and knowledge with IT, digital, marketing and procurement teams to advise them, from IT tools to more global Marketing platforms. Mainly in the field of omnichannel content management (DAM, PIM, CMS, MRM etc.).

Newton Place addresses B2B, B2C and B2B2C companies in all industries (finance, FMCG, manufacturing, fashion, services, healthcare, retail, automotive, publishing, etc.), as well as agencies, consulting companies, printers, etc. Content is universal.

In 2017 Newton Place started a partnership with censhare, which they consider the most innovative, intuitive, efficient and decompartmentalized content management platform in the market because of its disruptive technology.

Use cases, live demo, briefing, RFI/RFP, POC (Proof of Concept) - whatever you require, Newton Place is at your disposal to talk about your project. One of Newton Place’s commitment: contracts (license, SLA, etc.), project management, invoices, etc. will be solely between your company and censhare.

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