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Translation Service Integration - Succeeding in global markets requires content that’s relevant to the audience, wherever they are. But effective localization involves much more than mere translation, it also requires in depth knowledge about culture and linguistics in order to convey the correct meaning to the target audience. To ensure that product content is localized accurately and creates the right impact, censhare supports content translations from Lionbridge, the world's largest professional translation and localization company.

Writing compelling and impactful product content is already a challenging task without having to localize it for global markets. When targeting other cultures, an inadequate word or conjugation can completely change the meaning of your message and present you as out of touch, clumsy or at worst completely unfit to fulfil a prospect’s needs. Furthermore, to carry out an accurate localization for your product information involves a lot of resources.

censhare empowers the user to efficiently manage translation of content into multiple languages through seamless integration with Lionbridge. The results of which are high quality translations and improved productivity for teams managing product data intended for global markets.

Take advantage of our translation services integration to easily send tasks directly to Lionbridge, specifying the content to be translated, filters and destination languages. Lionbridge tasks can also be triggered by workflows to ensure they remain part of your governance processes, and to guarantee proper re-integration once translation tasks are complete.

  • Supports translations with asynchronous service functionality
  • Trigger Lionbridge tasks within censhare workflows
  • Configure multiple translations for different targets or audiences
  • Keep track of translations directly within the Web UI
  • Send, monitor, and complete translation tasks directly to Lionbridge with minimum effort