lauterkranz cross media support

This silver partner enables customers from a wide range of sectors and industries as well as other censhare partners in their customer projects as a censhare implementation specialist.

Austria, Germany
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lauterkranz cross media support was founded in 1991 and since then has been supporting companies, primarily from the daily newspaper and publishing sector, in the introduction of digital technologies into their business processes.

Since 2004, lauterkranz cross media support has been working with censhare as a project management and implementation partner in the areas of print, DAM, PIM, translation, multichannel and support. Its team has successfully developed, implemented, and supported censhare projects at various levels in numerous well-known companies.

Today, lauterkranz cross media support also looks after censhare installations from the early days of implementation to expanding the installations and censhare modules in order to facilitate and develop alongside business needs and processes.

  • Project management in connection with censhare
  • censhare installations and updates
  • Development of modules around all existing censhare APIs
  • interfaces to third-party data pools and systems
  • customizing
  • 2nd level support
Especially for
  • Manufacturer
  • Retail
  • Publishers
  • Other censhare partners