Facelift is an innovative tech company with around 200 employees in Hamburg, Paris, London, and Dubai

Benelux Nordics, United Kingdom, Asia, United States, Austria, Switzerland, Southwest Europe, Global, Germany
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Facelift is an innovative tech company with around 200 employees in Hamburg, Paris, London, and Dubai. Our product, Facelift Cloud, is a multiple certified software solution with all components for professional social media marketing at enterprise level. More than 1,200 customers are already achieving their social media goals better than ever before with facelift!

Facelift Cloud is the leading all in one solution for professional social media management. The solution covers all relevant platforms and offers all modules for successful social media marketing.

The platform supports you in managing all activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, Pinterest, Xing, and LinkedIn and Co. centrally and efficiently. All practice relevant topics such as editorial planning, community management, workflow management, advertising, reporting, benchmarking, trend monitoring, role/rights management, and much more are integrated into one platform.

The Facelift Cloud is completely hosted in Germany as a SaaS (Software as a Service) system, is ISO-27001 certified and thus meets the highest IT security standards.

Our customer base comprises more than 20 industries and ranges from international industrial groups to regional medium sized businesses. Facelift Cloud has a modular structure and is optimally scalable to all company sizes. This means that even companies with medium budgets can benefit immediately from the effectiveness of our solutions.

The integration of Facelift Cloud and censhare enables companies to share content produced in censhare also on their social networks in order to place a uniform brand message across all online marketing channels.

  • Publishing
  • Community Management
  • Engagement
  • Advertising
  • Benchmarking
  • Monitoring
  • Additional Services: Managed MicroSites, Managed Advertising, Managed Monitoring