Why Joining the Growing censhare US as a Presales Engineer was the Right Call

In late June of 2017 I joined censhare US as a Presales Engineer. As a presales engineer I am responsible for getting the technical ‘win’ during the sales cycle...

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Jesse TurnerJuly 28, 2017
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In late June of 2017 I joined censhare US as a Presales Engineer. As a presales engineer I am responsible for getting the technical ‘win’ during the sales cycle. While I am a part of the sales team I often work with product management, support, IT, marketing and project management to help bridge any gaps between their department, the sales team and our potential customers. I would like to share some of my first impressions during my first couple of weeks at censhare US.

  1. Change. censhare US is growing at a rapid pace and changes are happening seemingly on a daily basis. censhare is defining a clear path forward and we have 100% commitment to this vision from our parent company censhare AG. New people are being hired, offices are being changed and now is a great time to join this team.
  2. Autonomy. While I know I can count on my coworkers to assist me with learning new tasks, they all have their own responsibilities and we hold each other accountable to get those things done. Working at censhare US feels very much like being a part of a startup. In my few weeks here I have already gotten the chance to wear many different hats and explore different functions of our small team. Though, as a subsidiary of censhare AG we have the benefit of learning from our international counterparts and depend on them for a variety of functions and processes.
  3. Agility. We take full advantage of our small team size, international resources and geographically diverse workforce. We can adjust to new information quickly and can divert resources as needed. This is represented well as I work with my Global Presales team while being part of the US office. I’m always evaluating priorities and adjusting based on what others are doing.
  4. International Exposure. One reason I was particularly excited to join censhare was the fact that the company is based in Munich, Germany and has customers all over the world. With my first trip to company HQ planned for the last two weeks of August I have already gained experience working with international colleagues and customers. At censhare US we will (obviously) be focusing on domestic customers but I am looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with my international colleagues.
  5. Perks. Our office is located in the heart of downtown Denver. This fantastic office location is supplemented by the ever growing box of snacks in the office which magically has anything within reason in it. Our team loves to explore Denver together with monthly team outings and occasional company-wide events.
  6. Enablement. I was immediately impressed by not only the extensive functionality of censhare’s offerings but by the focus on end user enablement. censhare is well positioned to take advantage of the growing DAM marketplace and is ahead of the curve in regards to the trend towards a comprehensive content platform. I feel confident as we move forward because we have such a strong product.
  7. Transparency and Communication. Even within the US team individuals are often spread throughout different parts of the world. Being aware of time zones and appropriate methods of communication is important for us to function as a team. Because of this, communication must be succinct and individuals must be transparent with their motivations and goals. These ideas are reflected at the highest level as company goals and efforts are communicated from the top down.

The first few weeks at censhare US have been enjoyable and eye opening. Our relationship as a subsidiary gives us the flexibility to be effective in our own markets while allowing us to rely on our parent company when needed. This is a company for someone who is a self-starter and can work with a team of geographically diverse individuals. The more of censhare I see the more excited I am about my future with the company.

Jesse Turner
Jesse Turner brings years of experience in a variety of customer facing roles in software companies from large to small. Originally from the corn fields of the Midwest he now enjoys exploring the Rocky Mountains with his dog, Calvin.

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