What Would Your Company Do with £55 Million?

Learn how Spark44, the in house agency for Jaguar Land Rover, used censhare technology to speed up content production by 68% and save a staggering £55 million.

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Emily NichollsNovember 13, 2018
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After hearing from a variety of people at companies spread across the globe, it amazes me that I can still be surprised at the ways in which people use our software to solve their current and future challenges.

I’d like to share with you this case study created with Spark44, the in house agency for Jaguar Land Rover, as an inspiring example of how a new approach can make huge cost savings and vast improvements in efficiency and output.

Not Your Everyday Agency

Anyone who’s watched Mad Men will know how ad agencies work. They get a brief from a client, spend the day having affairs and drinking whisky, then pull out a genius campaign idea five minutes before the big pitch meeting.

People at today’s agencies probably drink (slightly) less during the day, but the basic model hasn’t changed. This means agencies spend a lot of time and energy pitching for and winning business, while brands spend a lot of time managing different agencies in each territory and for different specialisms (like PR, video, web, social, and so on).

The spark of something big

So in 2011, Jaguar Land Rover (also known as JLR, but back then simply Jaguar) and some of its agency bosses got together to form a new partnership. A single agency called Spark44 was born to serve just one client: JLR.

Vehicle sales for JLR since 2012 have doubled, and Spark44 has been able to save its client more than £55 million so far – in fact, saving money forms part of its contractual obligations.

Producing Content 68% Faster

Spark44’s Head of Digital Marketing Ahmed Hasan has been a censhare advocate for a while now. He spoke about this (among other topics) at the Automotive CX Thought Leadership Summit in Los Angeles earlier this year, and gave a talk at our own ecosphere days 2018 event in September.

Spark44 demands the best of its creatives but retouching the perfect image or creating a catchy strapline takes time. And because JLR is expanding into new markets and embracing personalized marketing, the number of different assets it needs to produce is increasing.

In Ahmed’s words, the company needed to “buy time”, and in short, that’s what it’s done with censhare. Globally, it can produce content 68% faster, and it’s made 300,000 assets available to 11,000 users across the partnership.

You can find out more about how Spark44 and Jaguar Land Rover use censhare to save money and produce more content faster in our case study. Or you can check out this infographic for a quick overview.

Emily Nicholls
Emily’s career and keen interest for all things marketing started in the computer games industry working for a major publisher and distributor. Her love has grown over the last 10 years for technology and this fast paced evolution has then taken her to web content, ecommerce, mobile and data. An alumnus of censhare, Emily led global field marketing for censhare, creating and generating marketing activities and programs across all regions. In her free time Emily enjoys coaching 3-15 year olds in karate and practices herself, having competed at national level in kumite. She is working hard on one day achieving her own black belt.

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