Can You Handle the Truth about Real Time Content?

Marketers in every industry now have a new job – content – and it’s not so easy. So we’ve created a whitepaper listing 5 facts about the real time content demand, its production, and the ways in which marketers can get it right.

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Morag Cuddeford-JonesNovember 26, 2018
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Congratulations, you’re a publisher now!

But, you didn’t even apply for the position? We know, but you’d better accept it, and quickly!

Marketers in every industry now have a new job – providing ultra convenient, real time content. In a hyper connected, demand led digital world, there’s no other way to keep current customers and win new ones.

So, are you equipped to take on your new role? Do you have the skills and insight to deliver what consumers want before they lose patience and go get it somewhere else?

If you’re only just beginning to realise the enormity of the task that faces you, you’re not alone. But the penny is dropping fast and marketers are scrambling to get their content and channels in shape - with mixed results. You need to make sure you’re among those successful brands that are getting it right.

This censhare whitepaper on the topic lists 5 truths of real time content and its production, as well as exploring how marketers can best get on the offensive and get it right.

In it, we cover:

  • The exploding demand for content
  • Becoming a content publisher
  • Optimizing the content production line
  • Contributing to the ultra convenient customer experience
  • Beating the silos to enable your best content strategy

Read more in Five Truths About Real-Time Content for tips on keeping your brand’s complex and personalized publishing enterprise under control.

Morag Cuddeford-Jones
Morag has been a marketing journalist and editor for 20 years but is still trying to convince herself that she doesn’t look it. She came to journalism after a brief flirtation with the music and entertainment industry, which ended when she discovered that she nurtured a passionate dislike of any tunes not produced in 1985.

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