The New, New Rules of Marketing - MarTech East 2018

The ‘New, New Rules of Marketing’ from Scott Brinker were among some of the ideas which wowed attendees at this year’s MarTech Conference East which took place in Boston, US.

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Caroline ChangOctober 22, 2018
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The MarTech Conference East 2018 recently wowed attendees with its forward thinking approach to the marketing landscape and its ever evolving needs. Over 1200 attendees gathered in Boston for three days to connect, discuss, and learn about the new era of marketing technology and how marketers, regardless of industry, should be embarking on their journey in digital transformation.

The tone was set by Scott Brinker, conference program chair, editor of, and founder of the ever-popular Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphic, in his opening presentation which outlined ‘The New, New Rules of Marketing (Operations)’. This theme was carried through the days, with exhibitors and speakers showcasing some excellent examples of marketers already practicing this approach and reaping the benefits.

The New, New Rules of Marketing (Operations) – by Scott Brinker

  • Centralize everything you can
  • Automate everything you can
  • Decentralize everything you can
  • Humanize everything you can
  • Embrace continuous change

At first glance, the audience gawked at Brinker’s bold approach. But upon further explanation, Brinker connected the importance of these (seemingly) opposing ideas in improving marketing output and efficiency. For example, the ability to centralize the necessary components of your marketing tech stack – like your content repository – enables you to achieve greater decentralization. And in the case of a centralized content repository, marketing teams are then empowered to produce their own content.

As a lead sponsor and the only no silo content management vendor present, the censhare team was pleased to hear Brinker’s words, which advocated the need for new rules in marketing – rules which have both devolution and centralization at their core. Showcasing this message for attendees was censhare customer, Spark44, presenting its ‘no silo’ work with Jaguar Land Rover.

Jaguar Land Rover - Achieving Content Management Bliss

As the inhouse agency for Jaguar Land Rover, Spark44’s Director of Operations, Jerry Melichar, was presented with the challenge of streamlining Spark44’s creative operations to continuously achieve high quality and personalized content.

Before censhare, Spark44 used Microsoft Word to create creative briefs and relied on a series of siloed tools to manage over 100,000 assets and collaborate with a globally distributed team. Switching to censhare allowed Spark44 to not only build creative briefs which were actionable and data-rich assets, but it also allowed every piece of content created and stored to be managed through a series of custom workflows used by global team of 6,000.

Spark44 presented this transition to the no silo approach to MarTech attendees, as well as what they learned along the way, shedding some light as to how to successfully adopt a no silo approach to content management.

So what does no silo content management mean?

It is the smooth collaboration between all your assets, digital and human. The ability to append metadata to any digital asset enables it to flow freely within your marketing tech stack - whether it’s a text document or an image, an author profile or a photographer profile, everything becomes easily searchable, actionable, and trackable.

Without such an approach, a digital asset management (DAM) or product information management (PIM) system is nothing more than an expensive storage solution. Connecting your different systems with one another allows the ability to automate and decentralize with greater efficacy.

In this vein, we spent a very insightful three days onsite exploring Brinker’s ideas further with conference attendees, sharing the benefits of adapting a no silo approach to content management.

If you would like to learn more about how censhare can help or wish to get in contact with one of our team, you can do so here.

Caroline Chang
Caroline Chang is the Field Marketing Manager on a mission to spread the censhare love through the US market. She is a passionate brand advocate with an affinity for products that empower others to create stellar customer experiences. In her free moments, she can be found balancing her time between enjoying city life (e.g., art museums, show hopping, etc.) and escaping to the mountains with her two dogs.

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