Status Update: Ted Rubin On a Mission to Save Retail

Rockstar CMO's resident rock star, Ted Rubin, has got some news for us on how to keep the love in the retailer-consumer relationship alive in this straight talking whitepaper. Enjoy!

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Charlie HobsonSeptember 26, 2018
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Wondering whether there’s any hope of keeping the love alive in the retailer-customer relationship? If you’ve had a bruising experience lately as a consumer or retailer, Rockstar CMO's resident rockstar has got news for you.

The smoothest retail brands may have got their chat-up routines off pat but some just can’t seem to stop being the awkward nerds in the corner. But that doesn’t mean the nerds always come second to the cool kids. You can be too smooth, you know.

Find out how Ted sees those relationships panning out and what the retail nerds need to do to get out there and make customer conquests. Here’s the lowdown on what you can expect from the head of Ted:

  • Emotional connections and caring for customers is in
  • Empty gestures to ecommerce are out
  • Friction-free commerce might be a buzz phrase but it really matters
  • Make nice all the time and everywhere
  • Keep the magic alive by trying new things

So join Ted on his mission and download the whitepaper now!

Charlie Hobson
Twenty years in retail and services marketing have not dulled wordsmith Charlie Hobson's enthusiasm for the sector, although she is becoming increasingly intolerant of a grocers' apostrophe. In trying times like these she finds a refreshing G'n'T is often the answer, properly punctuated of course.

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