Surviving the Asteroid - Adapting to the Digital Business Imperative

Exploring why and how companies need to address the challenges of the remote workforce and the digital consumer, and the vital role of integrated content management in supporting the transformation needed for these new efficiencies.

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censhare Editorial TeamJuly 7, 2023
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The dinosaurs expired, so science relates, not as a result of the immediate impact of the asteroid that struck Earth all those years ago, but from the knock on effects of this impact. Dust that changed the atmosphere, the way a dino’s food grew and where, the water – all the elements they depended on for survival suddenly changed and their previous way of life became unsustainable.

This might be a surprising anecdote to apply to digital business transformation, but it’s a pretty compelling one. The coronavirus pandemic might have an instant impact on company and consumer behaviour, but it’s the lasting effects that are going to prove the most transformative.

In Adapting To The Digital Business Imperative, a whitepaper from martechinsiders and censhare Partner Kontave, we learn just how the shockwaves from COVID-19 look set to accelerate business change.

The paper reveals:

  • Driven online in their millions, consumers need online experiences to work across the board. Front ends must be supported by robust back office solutions that don’t cause service interruptions or damage a once shiny brand reputation.
  • Office staff exposed to home working may not want to go back. Companies’ flexible working policies ,and the tools and support they provide will become a deciding factor in attracting the crème de la crème of employees.
  • Recovering from the economic shock of COVID-19 is one task but this isn’t the first challenge to business resilience and it won’t be the last. Building in cost and process efficiencies insures companies against future shock – and drives increased ROI today.

To learn about why digital business transformation is accelerating, how companies like Jaguar Land Rover have already found cost savings and profitability through centralized systems, and why content, in particular, is going to be a key competitive battleground, download your copy here.

censhare Editorial Team

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