If software gains consciousness will human beings lose it?

Keynote by Dieter Reichert, CEO censhare.

  1. chevron left iconIf software gains consciousness will human beings lose it?
censhare Editorial TeamApril 19, 2013
  • Technology

As thinking outside of the box is a hallmark of censhare's CEO Dieter Reichert it is hardly surprising that his latest presentation is full of provocative theses and unexpected outlooks. What will happen when computers and software interact and intervene with human consciousness or even connect with the cells of our body? Dieter Reichert addresses these questions and outlines a world in which technology and human beings mesh and meld. How relevant, for example, are new communication technologies such as those from the field of nanotechnology for the future of publishing houses and industry? To an increasing extent, software is mapping and replicating the human brain. Will the day come when software is even capable of replacing our brain? (Keynote in German)

censhare Editorial Team

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