Taking Back Control to Publish with Confidence

With fast moving information, its essential for businesses to be able to lay their hands on the right assets at the right time. Learn how publishers like Hearst UK, Slimming World and Bauer are coping with this challenge.

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Charlie HobsonJuly 30, 2019
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When information moves so fast, it’s essential to be able to lay your hands on the right asset at the right time. But compared to digital natives and always on citizen journalists, more traditional publishing houses can struggle. A mix of systems with multiple hands on multiple assets – let’s be honest, it can all descend into one unholy mess.

Which is why we have delved into some of the industry’s sharpest publishing minds to create a quick digest whitepaper revealing how some successful brands have done to get control of their assets, keep up with the challengers, and even excel among their peers. In the paper, you will learn how they:

  • Work content assets harder
  • Streamline processes to avoid time consuming asset management and admin
  • Get live news and citizen journalism onto digital platforms, as it happens
  • Focus editorial budget on unique, in demand content
  • Get personal with content that fits individual preferences

Managing and delivering content at speed should become the norm for publishers, B2B providers and consumer brands alike. Download Publishers Taking Cues From Digital to learn how Hearst UK, Slimming World and Bauer are meeting that challenge.

Charlie Hobson
Twenty years in retail and services marketing have not dulled wordsmith Charlie Hobson's enthusiasm for the sector, although she is becoming increasingly intolerant of a grocers' apostrophe. In trying times like these she finds a refreshing G'n'T is often the answer, properly punctuated of course.

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