Monday Morning Memo: Moving With the Machines

With the World Cup making use of recent tech innovation, it seemed a fitting theme for this week's martech memo in which we look at the challenges thrown up by developing tech for digital marketers.

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Lucy Campbell-WoodwardJuly 16, 2018
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Keeping up with changing tech - easy right? Wrong. It’s my first time writing this martech memo for you, but with so much out there it was easy to get going! And with even the World Cup (congratulations France!) making use of recent innovation in the field of digital marketing, it seemed only fitting to start with that. We also take some wisdom from Robert Rose on the future of the marketing tech model, look at what Vanessa Tadier has to say about the effects of continued development of consumer expectations, and hear from Dom Nicastro on the importance of keeping up with all of this by creating a culture of learning within your organization. Enjoy!

Technology, Branding and the Battle for Engagement at the Word Cup 2018 – Econtent

The Cup might be over but it’s effects most certainly aren’t! Katherine Allen brings us some slightly different World Cup coverage, looking at fresh technology and content strategy sparked by this global battle. Seasonal marketing has always been powerful - the ability to tap into the passions of your audience can enable you to become more relevant in their lives. This World Cup has been no exception, with not just the global giants running extensive cross-platform campaigns to engage with their audiences. Read More

Why Technology Will Change Content Marketing - Rockstar CMO

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity” – Robert Rose quotes Albert Einstein and dives into the disjuncture between marketing and IT teams. When it comes to technology, the influential trends of ‘big data’ and ‘content’ have widened the remits of both sides of this relationship, pushing tech teams to ensure that systems seamlessly support marketing teams who’re now expected to deliver optimized content-driven experiences across every relevant channel and the entirety of the customer journey. But could a new marketing technology model facilitating ‘content driven-experiences’, one which is built to adapt, be the answer? Read More

How To Create A Culture of Learning in Your Organization – CMSWire

In an enviroment of tech change, why should you and your colleagues stand still? This piece from Dom Nicastro emphasizes the importance of a culture of learning within your organization, particularly within the fast moving field of digital marketing, and includes examples of mobile learning, ‘passion projects‘, and peer-tutoring. In the current climate, raw technology comes cheap in comparison with a skilled and apdaptable workforce. Read More

The disappearance of the distinction between B2B and B2C marketing - Gartner

There are fewer characteristics seperating B2B and B2C marketing today than ever before. Marc Brown gives us his take on them and what this means for marketers on either side of this traditonal marketing divider. Despite the B2B customer forming part of a corporate structure, they are stil a person in their own right, and thus B2B marketers can learn a lot by taking a leaf out of the B2C marketing book. B2B customers can be engaged by short form, witty or entertaining content, they can be reached and engaged with on a personal level, and what’s more, they can (and should!) also become brand advocates at the end of it all. Read More

How to keep up in the era of digital progression - MarketingTech

With a current figure of over four billion internet users worldwide, it is no secret that mass web adoption has heightened consumer expectations for personalized communications, products and services. But for some, digital disruption is moving too quickly. Vanessa Tadier writes for MarketingTech on where exactly this innovation has taken us and what we can do about it in order to keep up! Read More

Lucy Campbell-Woodward
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