Monday Morning Memo: Beginning Your Martech Search and How to Make Better Content

Marketing and technology go together like a car and an engine, you can't have one without the other. This week, I delve further into this marketing and technology relationship.

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Douglas EldridgeMarch 26, 2018
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Marketing and technology go together like a car and an engine, you can't have one without the other. The search for marketing technology is a challenge which is felt far and wide. There is certainly no dearth of literature online concerning either the marketing technology you should buy or the struggle that procurers have in finding the right technology. While I can't tell you what the right technology is for your business, I can point to an array of articles to help you navigate your search. This week I do just that, including how some companies are utilizing AI, and why having one solution is the best solution, as well as share a couple pieces on marketing best practices, honesty and data…

5 Ways CMOs Can Navigate Digital Transformation - Forbes

A company's digital culture begins and ends in the marketing department. Therefore, digital transformation should begin with the CMO. A CMO needs to learn to fully utilize existing technology while also trusting his or her instincts on new technology, what's legit and what's just a fad. She or he also has to realize that a digital transformation affects the entire company and they must therefore be willing to work with the entire C-suite to ensure the right technology is implemented. Read More

Avoiding Frankenclouds - Why You Need Built, Not Bought - MarketingTech

Our head of marketing, Ian Truscott, recently discussed the Frankenstack and how those little Band-Aids, like a $9.99 social platform, are actually doing more harm than good. Markets are simply too competitive to not house software which allows for personalized interactions, and this is only possible by using a single unified solution, whether it's cloud based or onsite. Read More

Authenticity Matters: Why Real Honesty and Genuine Opinions Make For Better Content - Rockstar CMO

The biggest challenge which a content writer faces is that for every article he or she writes on a topic, 100 other writers are writing on the same topic. To stand out, giving your honest feedback on the topic helps make it more relatable to the reader. Read More

Know Your Customers: How to Create Data-Driven Buyer Personas -

Marketing is more than just targeting people who you think should be interested in your product, it's targeting people who you know are interested in your product. In order to do that, though, you need to take steps to build your buyer personas with data which you have collected. Read More

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