Monday Morning Memo: Kentucky Fried Twitter Fun, Video Marketing Tips and AI Growing Pains

Another week and even more technology and marketing news. This week our Monday Morning Memo covers everything from AI (again) to video marketing...

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Douglas EldridgeOctober 30, 2017
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Another week and another story on artificial intelligence making strides toward the mainstream, although this week’s news could be considered a failure. Social media has become the wild west of advertising, Twitter, though, is beginning to pull the reigns in and become more transparent about who they are selling ad space to. Of course you can’t extract letters and make words out of Kentucky Fried Chicken without coming up with the word fun, and fun is what they have with a clever Twitter play. Enjoy this week’s digital news roundup, then get back to work…

Twitter will make its ads more transparent to brands, everyone else – Marketing Land

Yesterday it was Instagram making ads more transparent to the target audience, today it’s Twitter making their advertising business more transparent to the world with the initiation of the Advertising Transparency Center. As marketers and consumers it is vital that we know where ads are coming from and while social media advertising is still in its infancy, the impact that it has on the public has proven extraordinary, so having data on the source of each ad is a big step forward.

Offensive chat app responses highlight AI fails - CNN

Last week the concern was that emojis will one day define our culture as much as written languages. This week, AI developers have hit a snag as AI, while able to spit out an endless stream of data, can’t quite figure out how emojis relate to human emotions.

KFC Quietly Followed 11 Herbs and Spices on Twitter, Then Waited to See If Anyone Would Notice – AdWeek

Marketing is fun. Amid the workload and pressure to generate leads and sales the fun is often forgotten. The team at KFC seems not to have forgotten, though. Recently, KFC's social media team came up with a clever way to promote its ingredients. Kudos to the person who called them out!

The 7 Top Video Tools You Should Be Using Now – Entrepreneur

Video in marketing is just beginning to steamroll its way to the top of the marketing heap. Part of what has kept it from gaining prominence earlier is the expertise that goes into creating and producing quality video content. These seven tools will help ease your burden as you launch your video marketing campaigns. And while we're on the subject, Ian Truscott, VP of global marketing at censhare, had some thoughts a few weeks ago on the future of video marketing.

Localized Digital Marketing: How Brands Like Airbnb And WeWork Are Leading The Way – Forbes

The internet is a global networking network, so how is it relevant to local brands? For those who know how to localize their digital marketing campaigns it’s perhaps the most cost effective way to advertise. Learn tips and tricks that are relevant to any small business from these global giants that have mastered the art of localized digital marketing.

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