Monday Morning Memo: Inspiration for Marketing Leaders and Managing Tech Change

Need some Monday morning marketing motivation? Look no further as we kick off with an inspiring piece for CMOs by Jennifer Polk, as posted on Gartner for Marketers.

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Lucy Campbell-WoodwardJuly 23, 2018
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Need some Monday morning marketing motivation? Look no further as we kick off with an inspiring piece for CMOs by Jennifer Polk, as posted on Gartner for Marketers. We should all be able to come away from this article feeling a little emboldened. I also include expert opinion on tech change throughout the second half of 2018 and how to best adapt, but also take a moment to consider what’s being called old hat – the one-size-fits-all marketing solution.

10 Lessons Marketers Can Learn from the Circus – Gartner for Marketers

Jennifer Polk tackles the challenges faced by marketers today by taking some inspiration from The Greatest Showman, a film about the founding of a circus (a.k.a.“the greatest show on earth”). Interesting parallels are drawn between the film’s protagonist and CMOs today in needing to meet the expectations of their organization, their colleagues and their customers, all at a time when marketing budgets are falling. A tough gig right? But all the more exciting for it. Read More

5 Web Content Management Trends for 2018 – CMS-Connected

Where would you say you sit along the digital content evolution road? Have you just sprinted out of the starting blocks, eyes narrowed on a far off point in the distance? Or did you start long ago and are already on the home straight? Maybe you’re a good way in but feeling puffed out and confused as to which way to go. Wherever you are along the journey, it might be a good idea to slow your pace and take a look at the developing tech around you – starting with these trends highlighted by Venus Tamturk on CMS-Connected. Read More

7 secrets for managing tech-driven change – MarketingTech

70% of digital transformation initiatives are doomed to fail, according to research conducted by the IDC. This is a scarily high number, especially when you consider just how crucial digital business transformation is to surviving in today’s climate. This article aims to give some tips on how to avoid becoming part of this figure, including establishing your expectations from the off, bringing as many people into the process as early on as possible, and looking beyond the supposed ‘finish line’. Read More

Into the Pool #4: Marketing Suites – Rockstar CMO

“No single vendor will solve all of marketing.” Darren Guarnaccia, CMO at Lytics, is having a rock star moment this week, throwing the magical marketing suite out of his hotel room window and into the swimming pool in a fit of frustration. He calls large vendors out on their promise of an end-to-end, one size fits all, marketing solution, and suggests that marketer departments focus on finding the right solution which satisfies their exact needs. Read More

How to Prepare for a Sunsetting WEB CMS – CMSWire

In the fast moving tech industry, the rise and fall of systems is inevitable. Unfortunately, sometimes it is a system which you rely upon which packs its bags and heads off into the sunset to catch the 6 o’ clock merger train. But as long as you don’t lose sight of this being a scenario which could one day apply to your department, there are signs you can look out for and steps which you can take in order to get going on the damage control. Read More

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